Cloud Solutions (2016 - 2026)

CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc.

CGI awarded categories = IaaS and SaaS.

CGI Advantage ERP Cloud is a fully unified solution that is designed, built, and optimized for the public sector. Our ERP solution provides financials, procurement, grants, human resources, payroll, and budgeting capability that address the public sector’s most complex requirements out of the box.  Advantage ERP Cloud requires minimal workarounds or extensions associated with dual-use ERP systems that are built for private sector and then overlaid with public sector features.

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CGI Collections for Government powered by Salesforce solution is an integrated financial management and debt recovery solution for the public sector that enables Governments to increase revenues by improving all types of debt recovery—including taxes, overpayments, fines, unpaid fees and other debts—without raising taxes.  The CGI Collections powered by Salesforce is an extension of the Salesforce platform, offering a SaaS cloud deployment model.

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Contractor Contact

Kristin Patterson
[email protected]
(703) 967-7452

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
09/30/2016 09/15/2026 09/15/2026