Cloud Solutions (2016 - 2026)

Companion Data Services, LLC

Master Agreement Number AR3093

Companion Data Services (CDS) offers its document management and workflow software, DocFinity® in the cloud. DocFinity® is a high-powered, next generation Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management suite.  It is an all-inclusive hosted solution for document, content, business process, eForms and records management.

Being a commercial off-the-shelf product, DocFinity® offers high degree of configurability for various business purposes with no source-code modification. DocFinity® is 100% browser based for all functions, including administration. Storing all content in its native format, DocFinity® also features sophisticated tools and well-documented, published data dictionary for seamless integration.


SaaS subscription gives access to all DocFinity® modules. Concurrent user pricing supports unlimited number of named users. No extra charge applies for users with scanning, printing, update or administrative privileges. No extra charge applies for scanners or printers connected.

SaaS model offers a secure cloud environment to host the client’s government-sensitive data. All server-side equipment and software as well as support are included. There are no hidden costs of owning, operating, maintaining and securing a server platform.

CDS provides professional services for business analysis, process modeling, workflow design, implementation, project management and training, ensuring successful implementation. All research, development, testing and support are performed in the USA.