Cloud Solutions (2016 - 2026)

Enquizit, Inc.

Enquizit is a small 8(a) application development (AppDev) and Cloud Migration company with over 17 years of experience providing government, nonprofit, and higher education institutions with the tools they need to achieve their objectives. We exceed customer expectations through a clear understanding of their scope, vision, and total cost of ownership (TCO), and delivering on these goals.

Enquizit guides its clients (governance, operations, security, etc.) through business transformation that includes updating core skills and processes and cloud adoption. Skymap™, our proprietary software, differentiates Enquizit’s cloud migrations. Skymap™ is a cloud migration acceleration solution that was built using AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine migration paths based on analysis of elements in the data it ingests. Skymap’s goal is to harmonize customer experience from the early assessment phase through all the stages of the migration.

Enquizit brings extensive experience in the areas of Agile software development and modernization, cloud solutions, and project management. Our dedication to client mission and application of industry best practices such as ITIL, Lean Six Sigma, and CAF have enabled our organization to realize the vision of our clients. Implementing Agile technology in migration has helped with maintaining continuity and performance.

Contractor Contact

Thiruchelvan Ratnapuri
[email protected]
(703) 794-5200

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
05/09/2019 09/15/2026 09/15/2026