Computer Equipment, Peripherals & Related Services

Update 12/20/2022: The Lead State is in the process of offering all current contractors on the NASPO ValuePoint Computer Equipment portfolio a 5-month extension of their Master Agreement. These extensions will result in a new expiration date of July 31, 2023. As the extension amendments are executed, the Lead State and NASPO ValuePoint will work together to get them uploaded on the website.

This contract provides PC's and related commodities (including printers, small servers, LAN/WAN storage devices and monitors) to participating states, local units of government and other authorized entities. It allows for a very limited professional services directly related to the purchase of PC's.

The Computer Premium Savings Package (PSP) is a program that operates within the Computer Equipment, Peripherals & Related Services Contract led by Minnesota.  PSP consists of seven lists of products whose specifications have been pre-defined (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Server, Storage, Monitor, & Printer).  The product specifications are refreshed, and vendors holding master agreements are asked to submit new offers every six months.  The offers, and the prices are held steady and able to be purchased for the following six month period (March to August & September to February).  Click here for more information on the PSP program.

ATP GOV LLC (f/k/a Ace Technology Partners, LLC) ATP GOV LLC (f/k/a Ace Technology Partners, LLC) View Details

Apple Inc. Apple Inc. View Details

ByteSpeed Computers ByteSpeed Computers View Details

CIARA Technologies USA, Inc. CIARA Technologies USA, Inc. View Details

CTL Computers CTL Computers View Details

Dell Marketing LP Dell Marketing LP View Details

Dynabook America's, Inc. (formerly Toshiba America Client Solutions, Inc.) Dynabook America's, Inc. (formerly Toshiba America Client Solutions, Inc.) View Details

EMC EMC View Details

HP, Inc. HP, Inc. View Details

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hewlett Packard Enterprise View Details

Hitachi Vantara Hitachi Vantara View Details

Howard Technology Solutions Howard Technology Solutions View Details

IBM Corporation IBM Corporation View Details

IntelliFlash by DDN IntelliFlash by DDN View Details

Lenovo (United States) Inc Lenovo (United States) Inc View Details

Lenovo Global Technology Lenovo Global Technology View Details

Microsoft Microsoft View Details

Microtechnologies Microtechnologies View Details

NetApp NetApp View Details

Nexsan, Inc. Nexsan, Inc. View Details

Oracle America, Inc Oracle America, Inc View Details

Panasonic Connect North America Panasonic Connect North America View Details

Pure Storage Pure Storage View Details

Transource Transource View Details

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