MMIS Claims Processing and Management Services Module (2021-2028)

Infocrossing, LLC

Infocrossing’s digital Wipro EMaaS solution is entirely built using best of breed COTS and SaaS solutions like HealthEdge and Salesforce. This solution is a cloud-native stack, with no custom-built components; and this modularity gives unparalleled flexibility and will significantly reduce the time and effort needed to maintain the systems and manage upgrades. The entire solution is fully configurable and much simpler to deploy. The patented natural language rules engine coupled with unique data model makes it much easier for your Business Analysts to create and update processing rules. Intuitive user interfaces and portals deliver a seamless digital experience to members, providers, and agency staff. Built on a Service Oriented Architecture using open standards and protocols makes it easy to integrate with internal and external systems. The solution architecture is based on a security-first approach, using role-based access and encryption to ensure compliance to HITRUST, NIST and HIPAA requirements. Hosted on a multi-cloud architecture, ensures hyper-scalability on demand and high availability with real-time DR. Wipro EMaaS platform offers a boldly innovative and a refreshingly new solution for Medicaid agencies to break-free from the limitations and rigidity of legacy MMIS systems.

Per Montana’s RFP Award, Infocrossing offers the following on the NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement:
•  Core Services – COTS SaaS Claims Processing and Management Services Solution
•  Option A – Financial Management and Financial Reporting
•  Option B – Call Center (Member and Provider Call Center
•  Option C – Federal Reporting

Contractor Contact

Rob Farahani
[email protected]
(917) 439-7657

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
01/04/2021 01/03/2028 01/03/2031