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MMIS-Provider Services Module (2018 - 2028)

State Participating Addenda

A Participating Addendum (PA) is generally used by a state Chief Procurement Official (CPO) to establish a state contract tied to a specific NASPO ValuePoint master agreement. The PA identifies unique terms and conditions specific to a state and identifies state agencies and other eligible entities in the state that are authorized to participate in the agreement. A state CPO may issue PAs that allow participation as follows:

  • Statewide – provides for participation by all state and local government agencies and other eligible entities within the state
  • State only – provides for participation only by state agencies
  • Other eligible entities only – provides for participation by local government agencies and other eligible entities, but prohibits participation by state agencies
Please review the Participating Addendum for eligibility details.

    Completed PAs

For questions related to participation in NASPO ValuePoint master agreements, please contact the Cooperative Contract Coordination team at [email protected].

Other Eligible Entity Participation

For states that do not use a Participating Addendum, or use a Participating Addendum covering only certain entities, other eligible entities may participate in a master agreement as described in an Eligible Entity Participation Document provided by NASPO ValuePoint.

Please review the Eligible Entity Participating Document for eligibility details.

For questions related to participation in NASPO ValuePoint master agreements, please contact the Cooperative Contract Coordination team at [email protected].

Client Network Services, LLC (CNSI)

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CNSI delivers a broad range of health information technology enterprise solutions and configurable products to a diverse base of State and Federal agencies. We align, build, and manage innovative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that help clients achieve their mission. CNSI’s evoBrix® Provider Management Module is a fully automated web-centric enrollment application capturing high-quality provider information needed for a range of business uses including credentialing, directories, sanctions monitoring and payments. It is fully compliant with ACA regulations and is built around rules-driven and data-driven components that provide extreme performance and configurability. A rich user interface enables business operations staff to efficiently manage data as well as process and monitor transactions through a well-defined workflow. It is the only operational SaaS Provider Management solution in the Medicaid market. In addition to the base Provider Management Module, CNSI offers Option A which implements standards-based interoperability between the Provider Self-Service portal and back-end Eligibility and Claims modules. For Option B, CNSI has partnered with Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC (Noridian) to bring mature and scalable CRM and IVR solutions backed by experienced call center operations and business operations teams.