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Name: Kathlyn Wee

Phone: 202-557-6727

Email: [email protected]


State Participating Addenda

Statewide Participating Addenda generally applies to all eligible entities within that state. Please review the Participating Addenda for eligibility details. For local government Participating Addendums please contact the Cooperative Contract Coordination team at [email protected].

OptumInsight, Inc.

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The Optum Provider Management module is a self-service gateway and integrated back-end administration system that supports decisions regarding the approval or denial of a provider’s enrollment and automates enrollment into Medicaid programs. Built on a foundation of modular, yet integrated evergreen COTS technology, it is highly configurable, automates workflows, and advances MITA maturity. Optum offers all options (Core, A, & B) that are available through this ValuePoint procurement vehicle.