Snowplow Cutting Edges

Total Terms Expiration

Lead State


Steven Smith

This Portfolio is to provide a pool of qualified Contractors to provide various types of snowplow blade cutting edges to all Participating States. There are eight separate contracts each divided further into separate specific offerings.


This Portfolio features:

  • Twelve (12) Individual Blade Category Types
  • Two year contract with option to extend for five additional years
  • Set to test if the concept works
  • Prices INCLUDE FOB delivery (by state)
  • Blades covered by Contractor’s Product Liability Coverage
  • Blades may be ordered using state purchasing card in some cases


NC Machinery and Kennametal Contract Not Extended

NC Machinery and Kennametal has chosen not to extend their contracts with NASPO ValuePoint.    The contracts expires August 28, 2017 and has been removed ffrom the website.

VALK Agreement Not Renewed

The Master Agreement with VALK Manufacturing was not renewed for another term and expired on June 30, 2018.   All Participating Addendums under this Master Agreement are no longer effective.    States who were buying from VALK will need to find an alternative source for blades through the remaining contractors.   

State Participating Addenda

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