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Statewide Participating Addenda generally applies to all eligible entities within that state. Please review the Participating Addenda for eligibility details. For local government Participating Addendums please contact the E&O team at

Panasonic Systems Communication Company of North America

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Lead State Master Agreement Number: OK-MA-154-02

Panasonic can offer a complete system for Evidence Capture and Digital Evidence Management. This solution includes both body cameras and the dash cameras, and with footage that can be stored in the government cloud and viewed with the same Windows software along with storage solutions, safely and securely.   The second an officer’s emergency lights go on until the moment of verdict, maintaining an unbroken chain of custody is imperative to ensuring that justice is served. The Panasonic Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS) protects all video and audio captured during an event and creates validated evidence files that are easily managed and securely stored.  Panasonic is proud to have served the Public Sector community for over 20 years, and we continue to do so with our offering of reliable, integrated solutions with best in class support and service.