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NASPO ValuePoint Team

Lindle Hatton, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Hilderbrand

Chief Operations Officer
208-231-8726 Mountain Time Zone

Cooperative Contract Team

Tim Hay, CPPB

Cooperative Contract Coordinator III
503-428-5705 Pacific Time Zone


Cooperative Contract Coordinator

Ted Fosket

Cooperative Contract Coordinator
907-723-3360 Pacific Time Zone

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Voight Shealy, CPM

Cooperative Contract Coordinator III

Jeff Holden

Cooperative Contract Coordinator
605-220-5160 Central Time Zone


Cooperative Contract Coordinator


Education and Outreach

Dugan Petty

Cooperative Contract Coordinator
971-915-1228 Pacific Time Zone

Other Staff

Bart Lemmon

Supplier Development Director
425-243-5668 Pacific Time Zone

Richard Carlson

Contract Revenue Analyst

Lee Ann Pope

Director of Administrative Services

IT Team

Bob Sievert


Jonathan Hollinger

Business & Data Analyst

James Mason

Systems Operations Manager

Ryan Hatton

Assistant Director
520-257-2383 Mountain Time Zone

Eric Hellen

Business & Data Analyst
763-392-0563 Pacific Time Zone

James Bregenzer

Web Master/Developer

Devin Hunt

Content Administrator
435-216-0360 Mountain Time Zone

David Boyd

Content Administrator
435-218-2302 Mountain Time Zone

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