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RFI - E-Marketplace

Lead State: NASPO ValuePoint
Contact Info: Bart Lemmon
Solicitation Number: RFI 001
Release Date: 2020-07-08
Close Date: 2020-08-21
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Over the past several months, NASPO ValuePoint has conducted extensive market research and analysis on the technical considerations of how e-marketplace portals function and the capabilities to customize potential usage by our participating members and other eligible entities. Supply chain risks, precautions necessary to protect against cybersecurity threats, security of data, and a whole host of others important aspects of this project are being studied.

To understand the full breadth and dimensions of e-marketplace platforms more fully, and gain an industry wide perspective, NASPO ValuePoint is issuing this Request for Information (“RFI”) seeking information from e-marketplace platform providers. This RFI seeks input on e-marketplace platform solutions that offer a modern electronic commerce buying experience similar to those currently used in the commercial environment.

This procurement platform should connect public buyers online to a virtual marketplace that sells either an e-marketplace provider’s products and/or third-party vendor products. Online e-marketplace platforms should feature multiple suppliers offering the same product and allow government buyers to decide which supplier / product combination best meets their needs.

The responses to this RFI may help in the development of future competitive solicitations(s).

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NOTE: This is an informal Request for Information (RFI). No award will be made from the response to this RFI. Respondents do NOT need to provide an answer to all questions. NASPO ValuePoint will keep your responses confidential to the extent permitted by law. By submitting a response, you acknowledge that your submittal materials may be shared with public entities and subject to release in accordance with individual state law. Accordingly, if there are portions of your response which you consider to be trade secret or proprietary, you are advised to clearly identify them as such.

For any questions or follow up, please reach out to Bart Lemmon, Director of Supplier Development and Global Initiatives, at [email protected]

Please respond to this RFI on or before August 21st, 2020.

RFP - Body Armor and Ballistic Resistant Products

Lead State: Colorado
Contact Info: Amy Risley
Solicitation Number: RFP-AR-21-001
Release Date: 2020-07-01
Close Date: 2020-08-12
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The NASPO ValuePoint RFP for Body Armor and Ballistic Resistant Products was released by the State of Colorado on July 1, 2020. The RFP is scheduled to close on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Time. The solicitation number is RFP-AR-21-001.

The Solicitation is now available to download online at: ColoradoVSS

Click on Public Access (at the bottom left of the screen).  A login is not required. Type in RFP-AR-21-001 in the Keyword Search box and hit enter. The solicitation documents are provided under the "Attachments" tab.  All addendum's will also be posted and available to download at the same location.  If assistance is needed to download, please contact Amy Risley at (303) 866-5663.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to establish Master Agreements with qualified Offerors to provide Body Armor and Ballistic Resistant Products for all Participating States. The objective is to obtain best value, and in some cases achieve more favorable pricing than is obtainable by an individual state or local government entity because of the collective volume of potential purchases by numerous state and local government entities.

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