Usually existing contracts are closed to new contractors for the term of the contract, however, contractors may partner with awarded NASPO ValuePoint contractors; that is a business decision between the two contractors. Also, the contract may be opened for a refresh or resolicitation at any time for any reason; at which time new contractors may respond via a bid/proposal to the existing contract. New solicitations are released by the lead state and advertised via the lead state’s system. NASPO ValuePoint also advertises the solicitation and encourages all NASPO states to advertise the solicitation. Any and all vendors are welcome to respond to the solicitation via a bid or proposal. The lead state and sourcing team will evaluate and award the contract(s).

DISCLAIMER: The documents on the NASPO ValuePoint website are for informational/ convenience purposes only. Official documents are maintained by the lead state (or participating entity in the case of participating addenda). In the event of any conflict between the documents on this site and those maintained by the lead state or participating entity, the official documents maintained by the lead state or participating entity govern.

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