Breast Pumps

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Diane White

Contract Number 01910

NOTICE - 12/12/18:

The current Breast Pump contracts led by the State of Washington will expire on 12/31/2018. NASPO ValuePoint has learned that Washington does not have the legal procurement authority to extend the current contracts. The replacement procurement, led by the State of Oregon, is on hold due to protests and litigation, and contracts will not be awarded prior to 12/31/2018. It appears that the current Oregon RFP will be cancelled, and it is unlikely that NASPO ValuePoint will continue to execute new contracts going forward.

If you have an immediate need for breast pumps, orders can be placed under the current contracts before the contracts expire on 12/31/2018. After that, we recommend that current users look to alternative procurement options for future needs.



This contract is for electric and manual breast pumps, kits, adapters, and other breastfeeding accessories for use by the Women, Infant and Children Nutrition Education Program, non-profit agencies, local health jurisdictions, prisons and others.