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Citizen Engagement Platforms

State Participating Addenda

A Participating Addendum (PA) is generally used by a state Chief Procurement Official (CPO) to establish a state contract tied to a specific NASPO ValuePoint master agreement. The PA identifies unique terms and conditions specific to a state and identifies state agencies and other eligible entities in the state that are authorized to participate in the agreement. A state CPO may issue PAs that allow participation as follows:

  • Statewide – provides for participation by all state and local government agencies and other eligible entities within the state
  • State only – provides for participation only by state agencies
  • Other eligible entities only – provides for participation by local government agencies and other eligible entities, but prohibits participation by state agencies
Please review the Participating Addendum for eligibility details.

For questions related to participation in NASPO ValuePoint master agreements, please contact the Cooperative Contract Coordination team at [email protected].

Other Eligible Entity Participation

For states that do not use a Participating Addendum, or use a Participating Addendum covering only certain entities, other eligible entities may participate in a master agreement as described in an Eligible Entity Participation Document provided by NASPO ValuePoint.

Please review the Eligible Entity Participating Document for eligibility details.

For questions related to participation in NASPO ValuePoint master agreements, please contact the Cooperative Contract Coordination team at [email protected].


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Founded in 2003, CoreSphere is a cloud technology consultancy and integrator headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland that brings more than 18 years of experience delivering digital transformation and enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) services to customers in the Public Sector. Leveraging our CareSphere product built on Salesforce, we have enabled our clients to perform more efficient case and client management, citizen and customer engagement functions, automate workflows, and enhance data collection, reporting and analytics capabilities in support of various customer missions. CareSphere is a comprehensive, yet modular, Client Information and Case Management System. Built specifically for Health and Human Services Agencies, this Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution supports child welfare, adult care, home care, Medicaid waivers, housing, and many other social services programs to help drive successful outcomes for underserved populations. We have designed, implemented, and integrated Case management solutions at over 20 Federal, State, and nonprofit agencies including), the State of Maryland, and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

We have successful past performance in modernizing legacy systems to the cloud and implementing citizen and customer engagement solutions for many types of Government customers, as well as extensive subject matter expertise in case management and constituent management, and demonstrated capability in implementing innovative, cloud-based solutions. We have completed large, complex projects consisting of production systems that are access by thousands of users, across public sector agencies for a variety of use cases.

For more information about working with CoreSphere under the NASPO Citizen Engagement Platform Master Agreement, please contact [email protected].