Citizen Engagement Platforms


Master agreement # AR3761. Awarded category 4 – Customer Engagement.

PayIt is a GovCloud-hosted SaaS provider of digital government services and payments. We simplify doing business with State and Local government agencies by consolidating any number of services and payments into a single, connected experience for citizens. PayIt’s approach to solution development delivers significant ROI to our government partners because our Platform delivers a centralized dashboard experience that includes a digital wallet and an omni-channel user experience for citizens guiding them through simple to complex compliance requirements including payment for any government service.

We believe in and deliver best-in-class user-centric services, including PCI compliant payment processing; configurable conversation workflows; open enterprise integration capabilities; comprehensive adoption marketing; 24/7 platform support for constituents and agency staff; and much more. The PayIt platform can be deployed quickly and scale to support a wide range of services to meet any agency’s need for comprehensive digital interactions and payments.

Contractor Contact

Jack Laskowitz
[email protected]
(314) 578-5425

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
09/15/2021 09/14/2026 09/14/2028