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The Laboratory Equipment and Supplies portfolio has been re-awarded, please see the new portfolio page for more information.

The State of Idaho, Division of Purchasing (Lead State) has established Master Agreement(s) with qualified Offerors to provide a full catalog as well as three (3) other defined bands of laboratory equipment and supplies for all Participating States. These Master Agreements obtain best value, and in some cases achieve more favorable pricing, than is obtainable by an individual state or local government entity because of the collective volume of potential purchases by numerous state and local government entities.

  • Master Agreements for Band 1 – Full-Line Catalog includes all laboratory equipment and supplies unless otherwise excluded.
  • Master Agreement for Band 4 – Microscopes includes all microscopes.
  • Excluded Items:
    • Equipment and Supplies which may be included in a vendor’s catalog, but which are not specifically designed or intended for laboratory use (e.g. reception chairs, couches, coffee tables, general office equipment, etc.).
    • Items costing in excess of $75,000, after discount, are excluded from the resulting contract.
  • NOTE: When executing a Participating Addendum, all parties are bound by the $75,000/item upper limit. A Participating State may establish a lower limit; however, any language included in a Participating Addendum purporting to increase this amount; or any other attempt to order an item off of the resulting contract which exceeds the unit price limit, will be void.

The Master Agreement(s) which includes their Full-Line Catalog that includes at least 95% of the items chosen by the State for purposes of proposal evaluation of Band 1, extend to state governments (including departments, agencies, institutions), institutions of higher education, political subdivisions (i.e., colleges, school districts, counties, cities, etc.), the District of Columbia, territories of the United States, and other eligible entities subject to approval of the individual state procurement director and compliance with local statutory and regulatory provisions.  The initial term of the Master Agreement shall be three (3) years with renewal provisions as outlined in Section 3 of the NASPO ValuePoint Master Terms and conditions.

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Lead State

  • Idaho
    Chelsea Robillard
    [email protected]
    (208) 332-1607
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