Mailing Equipment, Supplies and Maintenance (2022-2027)

Pitney Bowes, Inc.

Pitney Bowes Inc, Mailing Equipment

Master Agreement #CTR058808.

Contractor was awarded the following Categories:

Postage Meter Rental (to include Legacy Postage Meters)
Mailing Systems, Ultra Low Volume
Mailing Systems, Low Volume
Mailing Systems, medium Volume
Mailing Systems, High Volume
Mailing System, Production
Integrated Postal Scales
Letter Openers, Low Volume
Letter Openers, High Volume
Letter Folders, Low Volume
Letter Folders, High Volume
Inserters, Production
Folders/Inserters, Low Volume
Folders/Inserters, Medium Volume
Folders/Inserters, High Volume
Folders/Inserters, Production
Envelope Addressing System, Ink Jet, Low Volume
Envelope Addressing System, Ink Jet, Medium Volume
Envelope Addressing System, Ink Jet, High Volume
Tabbers, High Volume
Mailing Furniture (General)
Software, License & Subscription
Software Integration

Contractor Contact

Bill Walter
[email protected]
(480) 206-2984

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
05/15/2022 05/14/2025 05/14/2027