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A Medicaid Management Information System (also known as “MMIS”) is a mechanized claims processing and information retrieval system that all states are required to have according to section 1903(a)(3) of the Social Security Act defined in Federal Code 42 CFR 433.111. The NASPO ValuePoint MMIS Claims Processing and Management Services Module portfolio supports the receipt, adjudication and editing, pricing and payment for State Medicaid healthcare program claims. Below are a few of the benefits from the Master Agreements within this portfolio:

•    Availability of Medicaid healthcare claims processing systems and operational services to support the requirements of healthcare programs administered by a State Medicaid agency.

•    Qualified suppliers that can provide modern, flexible, and configurable solutions that will support the changing needs of healthcare for State Medicaid agencies.

•    Delivered using a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Client Network Services, LLC (CNSI) Client Network Services, LLC (CNSI) View Details

Conduent State Healthcare, LLC Conduent State Healthcare, LLC View Details

Gainwell Technologies LLC Gainwell Technologies LLC View Details

Infocrossing, LLC Infocrossing, LLC View Details

Optum Optum View Details

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