Police Radar/Lidar Speed Enforcement (2019 - 2024)

Decatur Electronics

1. G3: Our newest, in-car moving radar.
2. Scout 2: Our newest handheld radar. Large screen, view fastest / strongest speeds at same time, Li Ion battery with USB charging. Can stay charged for up to a few weeks.

Speed trailers and signs with 45 graphics and pre-programmed messages in English & Spanish
1. OnSite300MX: Our popular mobile Speed trailer with a handful of standard features and options
2. OnSite200MX: Perfect for school zones, HOAs. Or anywhere a lightweight, easily transported speed sign with messaging is needed.
3. OnSite75MX: Pole-mounted sign with all the same features; powered by either Solar or direct electricity.

Decatur Electronics provides the following radar units under Category A, Speed Enforcement, as set forth in the Master Agreement and its associated Assignment:

1. G3
2. Scout 2

Contractor Contact

Amilia Lachica
[email protected]
(858) 376-2205

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
02/20/2019 04/11/2023 04/11/2023