Security & Fire Protection Services (2023-2028)

ADT Commercial LLC

Awarded a Nationwide Contract to provide the following Categories of services:

Category 1: Backflow Prevention System
Category 2: Sandpiper Inspections – Fire Hose
Category 3: Automatic Fire Pumps
Category 4: Fire Sprinkler Systems
Category 5: Fire Detection – Fire Alarm Systems
Category 6: Emergency Lighting
Category 7: Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems
Category 8: Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection – Service and Testing
Category 9: New Portable Fire Extinguishers
Category 10: Kitchen Fire Suppression Commercial Hood System
Category 11: Commercial Hood System Cleaning
Category 12: Access Control Systems
Category 13: Burglar Alarm Systems
Category 14: Surveillance Services and Equipment
Category 15: High Security Controls Systems; and
Category 16: Inspections & Monitoring

Contractor Contact

Scott Wulforst
[email protected]

Awarded Expiration Renewal Limit
01/01/2023 07/31/2028 07/31/2028