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NASPO ValuePoint conducted market research and a survey of the states and have concluded the Transcription Services portfolio will expire May 21, 2022 as scheduled, without re-solicitation.

States are encouraged to take the necessary steps for securing transcription services for their individual needs prior to the May expiration date.

NASPO ValuePoint would like to thank the State of Alaska for leading this solicitation and contract since 2017. We have enjoyed the partnership with Alaska and the six contractors.

Master Agreement Number 2017-0200-3356


  • All Transcription Services are performed in the United States.
  • Contracts were solicited, evaluated, and awarded competitively to multiple vendors.
  • Favorable pricing based on the combined buying power of multiple states.

Scope of Services:

  • Category 1: General Transcription Services
  • Category 2: Medical Transcription Services
  • Category 3: Legal Transcription Services
  • Category 4: Optional Transcription Services


American TransMedia, LLC American TransMedia, LLC View Details

Bureau of Office Services Bureau of Office Services View Details

Perry Johnson & Associates Perry Johnson & Associates View Details

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC Transcription Outsourcing, LLC View Details

Verbatim Reporting and Transcription, LLC Verbatim Reporting and Transcription, LLC View Details

eScribers eScribers View Details

Participating Addenda (43)

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    Lead State

    • Alaska
      Shavonne Jordan
      [email protected]
      (907) 465-5682
    • Awarded:
    • Expiration:
    • Renewals Limit:

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