Vehicle Lifts and Garage Associated Equipment

The Suppliers on this contract provide one or both of the following categories of Deliverables to the Lead State, Participating Entities, and Purchasing Entities:

  1. Vehicle Lifts and Shop Equipment for light- and heavy-duty vehicles
  2. Garage Associated

The Master Agreements are not intended to replace or materially overlap in scope with other NASPO ValuePoint contract portfolios, including the following:

  • NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement(s) for Automotive Parts
  • NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement(s) for Facilities Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) and Industrial Supplies

ARI Phoenix, Inc. dba ARI-HETRA ARI Phoenix, Inc. dba ARI-HETRA View Details

Liftnow Automotive Equipment Corp. Liftnow Automotive Equipment Corp. View Details

Mohawk Lifts, LLC Mohawk Lifts, LLC View Details

Stertil-Koni USA Stertil-Koni USA View Details

Vehicle Service Group Vehicle Service Group View Details

Lead State

  • Louisiana
    Tuan Nguyen
    [email protected]
    (225) 219-0245
  • Awarded:
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