NASPO ValuePoint Adds MMIS Claims Processing and Management Services Module to Portfolio of Cooperative Contracts

Schae Kane - 03/11/2021

Lexington, KY, March 11, 2021  — NASPO ValuePoint announces the addition of an MMIS Claims Processing and Management Services Module to its portfolio of cooperative MMIS contracts. The State of Montana issued the solicitation for this portfolio, with assistance from NASPO ValuePoint’s Multi-State Sourcing Team™. The addition of this module to the NASPO ValuePoint portfolio provides an alternative to a long and complex solicitation process at the state level. NASPO ValuePoint has previously established master agreements for cooperative contracts for MMIS Provider Services. This new module is the cornerstone of Medicaid claims management. NASPO ValuePoint is the sole cooperative offering competitively sourced contracts related to MMIS, Medicare, and its federally mandated requirements.

“States are able to leverage a list of pre-qualified vendors and solutions that will expedite the state claims procurement process saving time and money.” said the State of Montana.

Key benefits of new agreements:

  1. This contract offers federally compliant solutions that can be configured to address state-specific needs, laws, and policies related to Medicaid Claims Processing and Management Systems
  2. It builds upon NASPO ValuePoint’s cooperative MMIS portfolios, including MMIS Provider Services.
  • Five qualified suppliers
  • Comprehensive details for available services
  • The RFP and Master Agreement were approved by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and all solutions are SaaS.
  1. Qualified suppliers that are parties to the Master Agreement provide modern, flexible, and configurable solutions that support the changing needs of healthcare programs administered by a state Medicaid agency.
  2. Benefits of the Solicitation and Agreements:
  • The RFP and all Master Agreements were solicited, awarded, and developed using a Lead State Modeland the input of a Multi-State Sourcing Team.
  • Each state can determine the best supplier fit and best value to meet their unique business needs.
  • Comprehensive terms and conditions are included in all Master Agreements.
  • Robust Performance Standards are included in all agreements.
  • Other benefits to be gained by purchasing entities through NASPO ValuePoint multi-state cooperative procurement:
    • Greater vendor participation
    • Reduced procurement costs
    • Expedited procurement timelines
    • Increased procurement flexibility
  • Expanded functionality through comprehensive multi-state requirements

Evaluation and Awarded Providers
This solicitation was released on October 29, 2019 and closed on February 18, 2020. Five proposals were qualified to receive a Master Agreement.

Awarded Vendors:
Client Network Services, Inc.
Conduent State Healthcare, LLC
Gainwell Technologies, LLC
Infocrossing, Inc.
OptumInsight, Inc.

How to Participate in the Contract Portfolio
States are required to sign a NASPO ValuePoint Participating Addendum to purchase from a NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement. Find out if your state’s purchasing office has signed to participate here or contact us on how to fast track this opportunity via email at [email protected]. Pricing details are in the Master Agreement listed on the contract portfolio page and vary depending on the provider and services. View current FAQs for this contract portfolio, including terms and conditions, for more details.

To learn more about these exceptional values of services, how you can participate, or to ask questions about these contracts, please contact NASPO ValuePoint at [email protected].

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