NASPO ValuePoint Awards Six Suppliers for New Snowplow & Grader Cutting Edges Portfolio

Kimberly Meacham - 05/23/2024

NASPO ValuePoint is pleased to announce the award of six suppliers for the new Snowplow & Grader Cutting Edges portfolio. This portfolio, led by the state of Vermont, provides a comprehensive range of cutting edges to support safe and efficient public roadway maintenance.

The awarded suppliers are:

Chemung Supply Company dba Evolution Edges

Ironhawk Industrial Distribution LLC

Kueper North America

Nordik Blades

Valk Manufacturing

Winter Equipment Company Inc.

This new portfolio offers three categories to meet diverse needs: Truck Mounted Blades, Grader Mounted Blades, and Loader Bucket Edges. These cutting edges are essential for snow clearing, grading surfaces, and hauling debris, ensuring smooth and safe roadways.

The Master Agreements became effective on March 29, 2024, through the lead state of Vermont, and are now available for use by state governments, institutions of higher education, political subdivisions, the District of Columbia, territories of the United States, and other eligible entities, subject to approval by individual state procurement directors and compliance with local statutory and regulatory provisions.

With this new portfolio, NASPO ValuePoint continues its commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to public entities, enabling them to efficiently maintain and improve vital infrastructure. For more information on this portfolio visit:


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